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With over 30 years of expertise in the industry, we are proud to be one of the largest leading powder coating companies within South Africa. We offer Internationally certified specialised primers and thousands of colour variations for your personalised Powder Coating needs. Our team of highly skilled experts are here to serve you with the best advice, top quality production and an efficient Powder Coating experience you will keep coming back for.

By Powder Coating or Plastic Coating your existing products, you not only create an attractive appearance, but it also provides a long lasting, durable, and scratch resistant finish that ensures protection for years to come.

JG is proud to be a preferred A-rated supplier to the major Banking and Auto Industry groups, as well as to the Private user, Corporate and Industrial sectors. Our services include stripping, sandblasting, powder coating and plastic coating, plasma & laser cutting, profiling, bending and metal fabrication. Many of our clients put trust in our ability to offer refurbishment of racking by stripping, repairing and recoating old shelving, as well as renewing electrical equipment (Including electrical boxes and panels). Although we specialise in powder coating and plastic coating of mesh fence panels and posts, gates, machinery, frames, fire extinguishers and mag wheels, we are not limited to these items. Nothing is too small or too big.

We are proud to have one of the largest available ovens in the country that can accommodate mesh fence panels of up to 7m long; with an additional six various size ovens to service our clients. We have multiple sandblasters on site, which allows us to incorporate both manual and mechanical washing systems and a specialised pre-treatment for products. Our proficient process caters for rapid turnaround times for mass production while providing a high-quality finished product.

We offer a full turnkey cost effective solution with some of the most advanced machinery available for improved customer service. Our fully qualified operators and welders ensure you receive a high quality result.

We can cut up to 20mm on mild steel, 16mm on stainless steel and 10mm on aluminium. Our press brakes can bend between 1 and 6mm over 3200mm in length, 8mm up to 1500mm in length, 10mm up to 800mm in length and 12mm up to 500mm in length. For the finer product, we offer a 3mm bend up to 2000mm in length.

JG's team is passionate about colour, quality, and service… We strive for perfection.

From the advanced designing, manufacturing, to reinforcing the design by emphasising the product with powder or plastic coating. We offer it all!!

For Cost Effective Quotes Call us on 011 914 3094 or send us an email on